"Here I am at home."

In 1995 miho opened his own workshop in his hometown, the city of Meiningen, laying the foundation of his artistic career and marking the beginning of a new adventure.

As long time friends and partners Galerie niza therefore is very proud to represent miho within the walls of his former workshop and we are happy to dedicate him a special exhibition with the reopening of his workshop as Galerie niza in September 2020.

For inquiries regarding the availability and exhibition of miho's artworks our team at Galerie niza is happy to assist you

- or as miho would say:  

"Just text me."

Galerie niza

ehem. Atelier Hopf


Inhaberin Nicole Langguth-Zaiß

Georgstraße 1

98617 Meiningen


"Will we see each other here?"

Dauerausstellung miho

Galerie niza, Meiningen, DE

Wanderausstellung miho

Autohaus peter, Nordhausen, DE

Cannes Yachting Festival 2021

Luxury Gallery, Cannes, FR

"Maybe here again soon."

Under Cover Intoxicoloured Music Stars

Galerie Späth, Coburg, DE

Comics in der zeitgenössischen Kunst

Galerie Voigt, Nürnberg, DE

Befreite Kunst

Galerie Marziart, Hamburg, DE

Ärtzteball 2019

Nordhausen, DE

Thüringer Genussgipfel 2019

Kaisersaal, Erfurt, DE

157_In my head - Keanu Reeves.jpg

A Rockstar in my head

"That's badass." The memories of Rockstar Silverhand, caught in his mind. That's something miho can relate to, as he told us this week. - Coming soon.

In my head Ep.1